Digital Nomad Visa in Thailand – Conditions & Requirements

A maximum two-year stay in the Southeast Asian paradise is possible with the "LTR Visa". It is addressed to:

  • Wealthy citizens of the world
  • Wealthy retirees
  • People who want to work from Thailand
  • Highly qualified professionals

Remote workers must meet the following conditions

  • Annual income of at least USD 80,000 in the last two years.
  • If the income is between USD 40,000 and USD 80,000, a master's degree or a degree of higher must be available.
  • At least 5 years of professional experience.
  • Sufficient health insurance.

Thailand has a good infrastructure for digital nomads. In addition, the costs of living are low. Beautiful beaches, a diverse nature, vibrant cities and interesting cultural monuments make the country attractive for a long-term stay.

Since January, 1st of 2024, Thailand does tax foreign, whereby double taxations treaties are taken into account. This only applys, if a person stays longer than 180 days per tax year in Thailand.

Alternatively, for people with an income of more than SUD 80,000, the Thai Elite Visa is also an option. It costs around 900,000 THB and is valid for five years. Longer stays are possible. We will help you with the application for the Thai Elite Visa.


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