Goodbye Matrix International LLC and its doing parties 

– henceforth referred to “GBM”.

GBM places the greatest value on the prevention and fight against money laundering, financing of terrorism, organised crime and other offenses. GBM expressly calls attention to the fact that earnings generated abroad may also be subject to taxation in the home country of the client and/or establishing a company/opening bank accounts/acquiring second passports/relocation/etc. may be subject to reporting requirements in the home country of the client. In addition, GBM expressly advises every client to seek a consultation with a legal or tax advisor who is familiar with the personal financial and fiscal circumstances of the client, prior to the client taking any action. The consultation by a legal or tax advisor should, therefore, and in every case, occur prior to the conclusion of the contract with GBM.  You, the client, are solely responsible for the adherence to all international tax responsibilities in your home country or abroad.

GBM offers no liability towards the client or even third parties if the client does not fulfill his tax requirements, partially or in full. All website content and/or components of a personal tour/seminar/consultation with GBM made available by GBM merely serves to inform the user. GBM, author / publisher, endeavors at all times to exercise due care in the creation of the posted/showing informational offers.

However, GBM expressly assumes no warranty and / or liability in respect to the accuracy, the completeness, the timeliness or the availability. The full range of content/components represents neither an individual recommendation nor is the content and presentation to be understood in terms of an invitation / request / offer to act, to avoid, to buy or to sell. GBM is not liable for any actions taking during or after a personal tour/appointment/seminar/consultation/etc. place.

All informational offers and presentations on these websites and/or components of a personal tour/appointment/seminar/consultation/etc. with GBM are exclusively oriented toward an independent and autonomous decision of the reader/participant and do not replace a legal and / or a tax-law consultation. This is especially valid in view of all matters concerning legal or tax issues of the client, concerning the proper implementation of his plans and the thereof resulting legal and tax duties. These above-mentioned regulations and requirements are also valid in case that the user contacts GBM in writing, verbally or personally to request information or offers from GBM.

The content of all information from GBM or from third parties, irrespective of what kind, towards the user, expressively does not serve as a replacement for a thorough consultation with an experienced lawyer or tax advisor, nor do they represent a recommendation or request to undertake or to refrain from certain actions. GBM, co-workers, and representative third parties give information, in all manner, without any liability. If the user enters into a contract with GBM to execute certain actions, then GBM rightly assumes that the user has consulted an applicable tax advisor or lawyer.

In no case, is GBM liable towards the user or even towards third parties for actions or omissions that are the responsibility of the user or by him commissioned third parties. Only transmitted offers in writing and individually addressed to the user by GBM possess validity. The validity period of an offer that has been addressed to the user in general lies at 48 hours, should no deviating period have been agreed upon.  The fundamental reservation concerning changes and errors applies for all publications, service offers, depictions, and prices. GoodbyeMatrix.com is used as marketing channel and has no liability for actions of persons direct associated with it and / or third parties.

Further regulation concerning liability, compensation, and claims 

GBM expressively notes, that all by GBM publicized or in other forms mediated, or transmitted information and declarations are only of a general natureThe application in each case should only take place after consultation with a legal or fiscal advisor.

For all, without this consultation occurring errors, no liability can be accepted.  On all web pages/seminar/tours/consultations of GBM, GBM introduces itself and its work. Consultation only takes place with individual clients and after extensive evaluation of the individual conditions.

For this reason, GBM does not take responsibility for any conclusions of the customer, for his personal planning or even decisions. GBM offers, as depicted in this disclaimer, no tax or legal consultation. The client should, for this reason, already before availing of our services (i.e. establishing a company, before the opening of a bank account and/or relocation of residence or acquiring a passport, etc.), have closely consulted a tax or legal consultant.

Furthermore, this is also valid for every service that the client avails of, either directly through GBM or through a contractual partner of GBM. Each client is requested to consult extensively with specialized legal or tax consultants in their home country.

GBM expects for each phase, that the client complies/has complied with this request.

Generally and basically, GBM is according to the legal regulations, only liable if an accountable breach of duty is based on willful intent or gross negligence or if GBM has, due to gross negligence, committed a significant contractual violation.

Apart from that, liability or even a claim to compensation from GBM is excluded. The liability of GBM is also excluded, should the client not accord to his reporting obligations or his informational duties or other than in this disclaimer described circumstances lead to the contractual relationship between GBM and the client being terminated. 

Generally, all complaints, whether justified or not, must firstly be reported by the client to GBM in writing (letter per registered mail) within seven working days after delivery or provision of a service. Otherwise, the claim of the client of compensation, adjustment or even replacement by GBM is void. Should changes have been made to the undertaken service, then the liability entitlement is cancelled. In the case of justified and timely complaints, the client has the right to adjustments or exchange of the service by GBM. At justified complaints, the defects are corrected within an applicable period, thereby, the contractual partner has to enable all required measures for the evaluation and correction of the defect. GBM is entitled to reject the service if this is impossible or would be connected to a disproportionately great effort.  A claimed damage / a claim of the client towards GBM concerning compensation claims must always be proven beyond reasonable doubt by the client in court.

In the case of a judicially doubtlessly proven and justified compensation claim towards GBM, already now it is bindingly agreed upon between GBM and the client: has an obligatory erroneous behavior by GBM been proven in court, then GBM is liable to a maximum amount of 1,000.00 Euro, independent of the size of the determined damage. Compensation claims expire according to the legal regulations, however, at the latest with the expiry of one year after the execution of the non-contractual service. Categorically, a reversal of the burden of proof at the expense of GBM is excluded.